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Wisdom Teeth


We rarely think about our wisdom teeth until they start coming through or unfortunately when they begin causing us issues. Wisdom teeth are found at the back of your mouth and are typically the last four permanent teeth to erupt. We say typically as interestingly, some people don’t have them at all (while others might have a few)!

While we hope your wisdom teeth erupt perfectly and you’ll never need help with them, it is quite common to need expert help from your dentist. As our eating habits have changed over time, our jaws have shrunken, often causing issues with our wisdom teeth. Often, this will lead to a single wisdom tooth extraction or the extraction of all your wisdom teeth.

Dr Maher is an expert when it comes to wisdom teeth extractions. He has been the specialist for wisdom teeth extraction at many of the other practices he used to work for, always being assigned to the most difficult wisdom teeth cases. He makes their extraction look easy, taking only moments and completely painless!


There are many reasons why you may need help, but the first step is for your dentist to assess your wisdom teeth properly. This will include an X-ray of your teeth to see how they are situated and whether any intervention is needed at all. Some situations which require expert dental care include:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth: This is when the wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to emerge which can cause them to be trapped in your jawbone or gums. This can be very painful.

  • Partial eruption: It is common for wisdom teeth to only partially erupt. This can cause pain and be prone to infection. It is also difficult to brush and floss the tooth properly which increases the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease. 

  • Crowding: Growing at an angle, wisdom teeth may push nearby teeth, damaging nearby molars and pushing other teeth out of alignment.

  • Tooth decay/gum disease: Even if you practise good oral hygiene, Wisdom teeth are often difficult to keep clean as they are harder to reach. This can cause tooth decay and gum disease. 

  • Jaw pain/misalignment: Your upper or lower jaw (or both) may be sore.

Depending on your situation, Dr Maher and the Royal Crown Family Dental team will advise you on the best treatment. This could just be a thorough clean, a wisdom tooth extraction, all the way to full wisdom teeth extraction.


Whether we’re cleaning your tooth or performing wisdom teeth removal surgery, our team will ensure your operation is as pain-free as possible. 

Wisdom teeth removal can be very simple and therefore quite a quick operation. However, in certain cases, wisdom teeth may be complex, requiring more time. Dr Maher will be able to provide you with his expert opinion and advice to ensure you are 100% comfortable with the operation.

Dr Maher is an expert in wisdom teeth removal, having performed hundreds of extractions over the 28 years he has been in practice. The majority of wisdom teeth extractions performed are completed in only moments after an in-depth assessment and you won't feel a thing. You’re definitely in great hands with the Royal Crown Family Dental team!

Wisdom Tooth Removal Wentworth Point

Are your Wisdom Teeth giving you trouble?

Whether you are feeling discomfort or simply concerned about your wisdom teeth, you can book a consultation with our award-winning dentist! Royal Crown Family Dental is conveniently located in Wentworth Point (Olympic Park) with plenty of onsite parking and free shuttle buses for your convenience.