Root Canal


The purpose of a root canal is to save your natural tooth, helping you avoid extraction or prosthetics. 

A root canal treatment may sound a bit scary and daunting, but most of our patients experience little to no pain and importantly, a root canal treatment can save a severely infected or damaged tooth, allowing you to keep it rather than replacing it (or losing it all together).

Saving your natural tooth is important as it will typically work better than a prosthetic tooth for biting and chewing and avoids additional complex dental procedures and maintenance.

Dr Maher is an expert at root canal treatments and once he's done, you'd be hard-pressed figuring out which tooth has been treated as his work is meticulous.


Every case is assessed individually, with Dr Maher examining your teeth in great detail to determine which procedure is the most suitable. It may be that a less complex, cheaper alternative is feasible in which case that would be the option we'd take!

Common signs that you might need a root canal include:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold that lasts an abnormal amount of time after the source has been removed

  • Severe toothaches

  • Extensive visible decay on the tooth

  • Swollen and/or tender gums

  • Swelling of the face or neck

​Sometimes there are no obvious symptoms at all, so it's important that you get regular check-ups at the dentist to help identify issues early (or avoid them altogether).


As you will be given local anesthesia, a root canal is typically pain-free (other than the tiny pinch you'll feel when you receive the anesthesia). It is no more painful than a normal filling procedure however due to its complexity, it will take more time.

It is a highly complex procedure requiring specialised training and care, so it is important that you choose the right specialist to perform your root canal treatment. Completed properly, the chances of having to retreat the tooth is low and you'll be able to eat and enjoy your favourite foods pain-free for many years to come!

​With more than 28 years in the dental industry and a passionate team, Dr Maher is here to ensure your treatment is completed as pain-free and smoothly as possible!

Root Canal Wentworth Point

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