Emergency Dentist


We understand that the pain and discomfort of dental issues can be overwhelming at times and at Royal Crown Family Dental, we truly care about you. We don't want you to wait extended times to get emergency dental issues fixed or for you to experience pain longer than you have to. This is why we offer emergency dental!

Dr Maher and the caring Royal Crown Family Dental team is here to help you day AND night, and our state-of-the-art facility is capable of handling even the most complex emergencies.

Dr Maher will be able to identify the issue and help you resolve it as pain-free as possible so you can go home and get a good night of rest afterwards!


There are a lot of situations where you would need to see a dentist as soon as possible. We all hope you are never in a situation where you need to see us urgently but life is unpredictable and when that happens, we're here to help! Situations where you may need emergency assistance include:

  • Knocked-out tooth - If you see your dentist quickly enough, we will be able to replant and save your tooth!

  • Loose tooth or teeth - If you've had an accident which has caused your teeth or a tooth to feel loose, seeing your dentist urgently can ensure they stay put

  • Fractured tooth or cracked tooth - If you've fractured a tooth and you are in severe pain, especially if you have exposed the pulp of your tooth

  • Swollen cheeks or face - Swelling of your face or cheeks can be a sign of infection or other underlying issues

  • Painful swelling of the gums - This may be a severe infection or other underlying issues

  • Headaches or fever combined with gum or tooth pain - You may have a severe dental infection and it is best to act quickly

Our expert team is here to help you. Our award-winning dentist is in Wentworth Point which is very central within Sydney and a quick drive away.


First thing to do is to call our friendly team. We will be able to help walk you through the pain you are experiencing and determine whether it is an emergency or not.

If deemed an emergency, we will organise a time for you to see Dr Maher as soon as possible! He's an experienced, caring dentist and with our amazing facility, he'll be able to make sure you are feeling better in no time!

It's important to call if you have any concerns at all. A quick phone call to discuss your symptoms is all you need to know whether you really should rush-in or if it can wait!

Dr Maher and the Royal Crown Family team would love to see you and help you with all your emergency dental needs. We are located in Wentworth Point (Olympic Park), Sydney and can help you fix that annoying dental problem you have.


As emergency dental appointments are subject to availability and assessed on a case-by-case basis, these appointments need to be made via phone (these timeslots will not be visible on our online booking system). We typically answer the phone until 9 pm and endeavour to accommodate your requests for emergency dental care.

Would you like to book an emergency dental appointment?


Dr Maher understands that life is busy and sometimes it may be impossible to find time to see your dentist! This is often the reason we get when patients come in and tell us they haven't seen a dentist for a long time. This is a major concern to us as we often see dental issues that may have been minor and easy to fix had the patient come in much earlier. Instead, we often see them when these minor cavities, chips and other issues become major problems.

We understand this and want to help you prevent this so we're able to see you after our usual hours! Simply Contact Us and Jordan will help find a suitable time for you to see our multi-award winning dentist! Dr Maher is more than happy to accommodate your busy schedule and ensure you leave with a healthy, happy smile!

After Hours Dental and Emergency Dental is subject to availability so please call today to organise a suitable time.