Getting DENTURES in Wentworth Point



Dentures, also known as false teeth, are a cost-effective way to replace lost teeth. There can be a whole host of reasons why you may need dentures so it is important that this decision is carefully considered.

Getting dentures can be quite a complex process. Dentures that don’t fit properly can cause discomfort and over time cause you issues with your gums. It may also cost you more in the long run.

At Royal Crown Family Dental, our state-of-the-art dental practice in Wentworth Point is fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure the dentures you get from us fit you perfectly!

By using a combination of traditional moulding procedures and the latest in super-accurate 3D scanning technology to create Digital Impressions in conjunction with careful consideration of your entire facial structure, we can ensure the dentures look natural, fit precisely and leave you with a smile to be proud of for many years to come! 

Learn more about how Digital Impressions can create better dentures and prosthetics.

Natural looking dentures


Dentures are durable, removable appliances are worn to replace missing teeth. They feature artificial teeth and gums and are a cost-effective way to replace lost teeth. They are fabricated using either acrylic or cobalt chrome to which false teeth are added. Dentures are intended to be taken out at night and cleaned regularly. They are designed to best match your natural teeth and smile. If you have missing teeth, either from disease, injury or extraction, dentures are a great way to restore your smile and ability to eat. Additionally, they can help you retain normal speech, assist you with chewing, and can add support to your cheeks, lips and chin as well as improve the appearance of your smile. We will take into account your entire facial structure when considering dentures. This is to ensure that the dentures look natural and you have a smile to be proud of for many years to come!

Getting dentures can be quite a complex process. Dentures that don’t fit properly can cause discomfort and over time cause you issues with your gums. It may also cost you more in the long run. There can be a whole host of reasons as to why you may need dentures so it is important that this decision is carefully considered. We welcome you to discuss this treatment with Dr Maher.

We are proud to carry the latest 3D scanning technology in-house so that we can ensure the perfect fit for your dentures by using digital impressions! With 3D scanning technology, we're able to get a super accurate digital scan of your mouth, allowing us to precisely make dentures that fit perfectly! Traditional moulding procedures while great, have minor shrinkage issues as the moulds set over time. Our technology behind our 3D scanners captures and creates digital impressions of the highest definition detail in order to help you achieve the perfect fit for your dentures. The accuracy of this technology can be superior to traditional cast/moulding. 

Dentures that don’t fit properly can cause discomfort and over time may cause you issues with your gums. It may also cost you more in the long run. The great news is that dentures have been evolving and improving over the years, making them more natural-looking and more comfortable than ever. Dr Maher will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and work with you to determine which types of dentures will be most appropriate for you.


Not at all! Or at least, they shouldn’t be! We do have patients with existing dentures that complain about discomfort and pain while wearing them. However, carefully designed and crafted, dentures can fit and feel completely naturally! Once fitted with dentures made by Dr Maher, our patients often feel overwhelmingly happy and relieved that dentures can feel natural and not a daily burden.

How do we do it differently? Depending on your situation, what we will do is scan the interior of your mouth with our 3D scanning technology, allowing us to create a perfect 3D image of your gums and your bone structure. This allows us to tailor-make dentures to specifically fit perfectly for you. Dr Maher and the team will work meticulously to ensure your new dentures will fit, the look suits your unique face and that the teeth are the right shade. Additionally, getting new dentures is the perfect time to really consider what you'd like your teeth to look like! We’ll make sure your dentures fit well with your natural teeth and ensure they blend in perfectly with any natural teeth. A traditional mould imprint may be used in certain circumstances however we will let you know if that is the case.

Correctly fitted dentures may feel strange at first, and some minor adjustments may be made overtime to get the perfect fit. However, once the adjustment period is over, it should feel natural and you should feel comfortable and confident wearing them. With 3D scanning, our dentures will require significantly fewer adjustments, with most fitting perfect the first time!

If you’d like more information, please book a consultation with our friendly team and amazing dentist and we’ll be able to guide you through the entire process.

Denures Specialist Wentworth Point

Want to learn more about Dentures?

Whether you’re concerned you might need one or simply want to learn more, you can book a consultation with our award-winning dentist, Dr Maher! Our Dental Office is conveniently located in the heart of Wentworth Point (Olympic Park) which is very central within Sydney.



The first thing Dr Maher will do when you visit our dental clinic in Wentworth Point is evaluate your current dental condition, including a full examination of your teeth and gums. Dr Maher and our friendly team will then discuss all your treatment options, including alternatives such as dental implants, dental bridges, fixed dentures/all-on-4, and help you decide which is right for you.


For and partial dentures, x-rays may be necessary to evaluate whether your teeth are strong enough to support a denture. It is possible that you may need teeth extracted or have existing teeth treated (such as a root canal) and your healing time will depend on how many teeth are removed. Dr Maher will then take impressions of your mouth so that custom dentures that fit your mouth perfectly can be made.


Together with your dentist, Dr Maher, you can tailor the size, shape and colour of your dentures to your individual requirements. Both immediate and conventional dentures may involve subsequent appointments to get the perfect fit. If you want the best results for your dentures, get in touch with us today. We of course will provide you with comprehensive aftercare advice following your final appointment.

While we take every possible action to ensure your dentures fit perfectly, in some cases you may experience some issues with your dentures. Please see Dr Maher if any of the following applies to you:

  • Some people cannot stand the smell and taste of the moulding compound used in traditional moulding techniques - this can be overcome by using digital impressions instead)

  • Discomfort while wearing dentures

  • Bleeding gums 

  • Swelling 

  • Ulcers (sores) that last more than two weeks 

  • A gum abscess (pus-filled sore on the gum) 

  • Soreness or cracks in the corner of your mouth 

  • Bad breath

We can check and assess your dentures and provide the next course of action. We note that dentures may need to be adjusted or replaced after a period of time.

If you have existing dentures and are experiencing these issues, denture relining can assist with some of the above issues by reshaping the underside of your denture to make it rest more comfortably against your gums. If completed correctly, it can be a very cost-effective option to ensure you are comfortable while avoiding the cost of replacing your dentures.

Dentures Wentworth Point


Dentures can either be fabricated immediately after extracting the teeth or after the tissues/gums have been completed healed.

Conventional dentures are moulded over the mouth cavity once the teeth have been extracted and the gums have had several weeks to heal. Conversely, immediate dentures are moulded over the gums immediately after the teeth are extracted.

Conventional dentures may leave you toothless for over a month, but having them moulded to your healed gums ensures a perfectly comfortable fit inside the mouth cavity.

Immediate dentures offer the appeal of having your new teeth straight away. But because they have been moulded to your gums before they have had time to heal and take their final shape, you will be required to revisit your dentist for adjustments to ensure a correct fit. As an extraction site heals and the bone remodels, immediate dentures become ill-fitting. The downside of ill-fitting immediate dentures is that they can be uncomfortable, creating a higher cost for modifications in the long run.

If the idea of being without teeth for several weeks is too uncomfortable for you, immediate dentures will ensure you are confident with your appearance right after your tooth extractions. If you wish to save money and receive dentures that fit perfectly inside your healed mouth, conventional dentures are the solution for you.


If you are considering dentures, there are two main options being partial dentures or full dentures. Dentures are kept in place by either using clasps that anchor around neighbouring teeth or by the dentures’ natural suction. On occasions, a denture fixative or glue is recommended to aid in keeping the denture in place. All dentures are designed by the dentist or our dental technician to suit each patient’s individual needs.


Partial dentures


Partial dentures are used to fill any gaps left by missing teeth and replace only one or several teeth, whereas full dentures replace a whole set of teeth (upper, lower or both), bringing you full mobility. A partial denture is suitable for patients who still have some natural teeth remaining. 

Full/complete dentures

Full or complete dentures are suitable for patients who have lost most or all of their natural teeth. Upper dentures will feature a flesh coloured palette that covers the roof of the mouth, and lower dentures are shaped like a horseshoe leaving ample room for the tongue to move. Complete dentures rest directly on the gums and cover the entire jaw. Complete dentures can either be conventional or immediate.

Immediate dentures

Another type of denture is known as immediate dentures that can be manufactured and inserted on the same day as your tooth extractions. Immediate dentures can be worn while you are healing from your tooth extractions. This prevents the embarrassment or inconvenience of having to be without teeth while your gums heal. Conventional dentures (partial or full dentures) can take between 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture. They are made to be inserted after the gums have healed from any extractions and this can take several weeks. When Dr Maher inserts your denture, he will ensure the fit is perfect for you and continue to make adjustments to make them as comfortable as possible.


Contrary to popular belief, you may need dentures before you reach your senior years. This can be for a variety of reasons and tooth loss in adults is quite common, including the younger side of the age spectrum. While you may have mixed emotions about replacing missing teeth at a young age, we assure you that it can be a great choice for your oral health and your smile.


We not only take your age into consideration when recommending teeth replacement options but also your goals, expectations, budget, dental health and other factors. In the case of adult-aged individuals, there’s no such thing as “too young” to replace missing teeth and restore your dental health and your confidence in your smile.

As a younger person, you may have lost a tooth or teeth for one of many various reasons, such as:

  • Trauma or injury leading to tooth loss (such as a fall or a motor vehicle accident)

  • Sports injuries leading to tooth loss

  • Health conditions leading to tooth loss

  • Gum disease

  • Tooth decay

  • Dental abnormalities such as ectodermal dysplasia

  • Genetic predispositions

Dr Maher and our friendly team would want to meet with you to discuss your teeth replacement options. After examining your teeth and discussing your expectations with you, we will let you know whether dentures and any other restorations will work for you.

Dentures for young people


Getting dentures is one of many treatment options available when you have damaged or missing teeth, particularly in the case of significant tooth loss. Dentures are an ideal solution when you can no longer restore your existing teeth to a point that looks natural. In addition to filling out your facial profile and restoring your smile, dentures will allow you to speak and chew correctly, greatly enhancing your quality of life.


Depending on your personal circumstances, you may need either full dentures or partial dentures. But don’t worry, our friendly and experienced team at our Wentworth Point dental clinic will be able to help you determine exactly what you need and will ensure you have the best possible experience and outcomes. 

If you have lost your natural teeth due to damage, decay or injury, dentures can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile. Missing teeth can cause the facial muscles to droop, causing a person to look older than they actually are. With the support from fully functioning teeth, you will appear more youthful while being able to enjoy food and speak comfortably, just as if you still had your natural teeth.


Dentures offer a cost-effective, natural-looking solution to missing teeth, enhancing your appearance and benefiting your health. Additionally, if you are getting full dentures, we can design your smile to look exactly how you want it to look.

You may find that losing your teeth and getting dentures has some emotional impacts. Speak to Dr Maher if you feel worried about getting dentures and to discuss possible alternatives. We also offer alternatives treatments to dentures. They include Dental Implants and Bridges which are more permanent solutions. If you would like help deciding on which is best, please come see the Royal Crown Family Dental team at our dental practice in Wentworth Point and we can help you make the right decision.