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Why do we need dentures?

First impression is always the one that lasts! A healthy and confident smile is all what you need to give a good impression.  You don’t have to make tricks to hide your teeth when smiling if they are all there (naturally or synthetically). Yes, this is essential but not only this, however taking care of your teeth health is more crucial, it prevents the buildup of bacteria the gives a way for decay and rot which encourage plaque and tartar that cause infection.

That’s where dentures need pops up!  Your facial structure is the reason behind taking the decision to have dentures. Dentures are considered to be a prosthetic device which replaces your missing teeth, they are also called false teeth! They were invented thousands of years BC, then they used to make their ‘fake teeth’ for missing ones and use gold wire to hold them together.

Teeth generally regulate how far the jaw can close also, so by losing them, your facial shape looks deformed; your lips look folded, and your cheeks would appear unfirm.

But please be careful, getting dentures isn’t a simple process. The complexity could come from poor quality and unfitting ones, which could cause discomfort and eventually harm your gum. So, you must visit a prosthodontist that have a 3D scanning technology that ensures a perfect fit.  Additionally, choosing a reputable prosthodontist would guarantee a durable material type. Main 3 dentures’ materials are:

  1. Acrylic resin, guarantees appearance, reasonable price, and firmness
  2. Porcelain, used for partial dentures, though costs a bit higher than other partial types but is durable for minimum five years
  3. Cast metal partial dentures, where we use acrylic base and metal from for stability
  4. If you’ve lost most of your teeth, then an implant-supported denture is your ideal solution

There are some signs that tell us that you may eventually need to wear dentures, let’s take you through some:

  1. If you already lost more than 2 teeth, probably because of bone loss disease then extra tooth loss may be inescapable
  2. Late treatment of bleeding and swollen gum
  3. Teeth gaps are getting wider

Don’t feel uneasy with the word ‘denture’, as nowadays the several types of dentures and multiple materials that professional prosthodontists and dentists provide; give you a flawless smile and pain-free gum. Visit for a checkup then!

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